Our Story in 100 Words

Once upon a time, our founder, Nick, decided to renovate his bathroom. He visited a local showroom who sells the high quality, modern fixtures he wanted. 
$200 for a towel bar? $500 for a faucet? Twelve weeks for custom finishes? A paper catalog of item numbers and inflated prices? Haggling with a pushy salesperson?
Renovations shouldn’t be this complicated.

Nick knew that if he cut out the middlemen at the showroom and sold online, he could sell beautiful fixtures at non-insane prices.

Getting your dream bathroom should be affordable, simple, and a lot more fun.

How can you sell high quality fixtures at a lower price than the big name brands?

Most bathroom and kitchen fixtures are made by only a few massive companies that sell under different brands. They sell these to distributors that sell them to bathroom kitchen and bathroom showrooms which distribute their products. These showrooms tack on additional markups that they pass on to you.

Ollie Nickel works with the same manufacturers as the big guys, but we then bypass the showrooms to sell directly to you through our website. We cut out the middleman, then we pass on the savings to customers. We also think that by speaking to you directly we can offer you a better experience to make sure your renovation runs smoothly.

What is the Watersense Program?

Watersense is a program created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency aimed to reduce water consumption. At Ollie Nickel, we are proud that our faucets are Watersense certified, resulting in our faucets being around 30% more efficient than conventional faucets.

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